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People are sick, and many don’t know why.

Root Cause Medicine is a response to this global plague of ill health and chronic disease ravaging the world…and the complicity of mainstream dietary guidelines and ‘prescription-pad’ medicine’ in perpetuating the status quo.

Who am I?

I am RootCause MD. I am classically trained in the hospital medical system. I was always skeptical of the pill-heavy approach to treating patients, and the financial interests pushing doctors to ignore the Root Causes of disease.

My own health journey helped me realize that diet and environment are the holy grail for preventing illness, healing disease and optimizing vitality. I’ve come to conclude that the default human state is happy, energized, pain-free and strong, if these environmental factors are tuned properly.

Why am I here?

My goal is to usher in a new era of human prosperity by helping society collectively re-discover this state of optimal health. To do this, I believe we must start with the individual.

I want to help you and your family by sharing my knowledge and perspectives gleaned from years of learning, working and practicing mainstream medicine coupled with my personal explorations into Root Causes.

Sending help

I write about the key health topics that nobody is talking about. These include the harms of seed oils, the dangers of xeno-estrogens, ancestral eating and regenerative agriculture.

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This is #RootCauseMedicine.

The Rest Is Up to You…

- RootCause MD

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