I agree totally. I’m 63 and I live in what I call a “community” (instead of urbanism) in Southern California. We are unincorporated & there are people with horses, etc. here. I have lived here almost 10 years ago, single. I decided then (esp as a health practitioner) that what I needed to do was exactly what you write about here. I chose it. I developed it. I have many clients also who are in the area. My greatest sadness is to see older people who move to another place/state to be with their kids or grandkids & they have no one else. They end up alone & depressed. The goal of the new world order types is to separate us. They may even cut off the internet at some point. But they can’t take away our communities/local friends and acquaintances. I tell everyone: GET INVESTED where you live. Start a community garden, go to local stores, talk to people.

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In the old days, it was called localism. Then that was made out to be uncool and to parochial. Considering, we only have the evolutionary capacity to genuinely care about up to 150 people (roughly a village). From a mental health and EQ perspective, as well as physical and resources. Proper care, as in remembering details and making time for them.

Then localism or your "New Urbanism", is a logical, compassionate and humanity wellth way of living.

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